Tuition was hardly popular in Hong Kong about a decade ago.Today, you can see huge billboards promoting tuition courses in major shopping area like Mongkok and Causeway Bay.This issue is unique to Hong Kong. I travelled among many asian countries and I had never come across anything similar.

This phenomenon is caused by partial failure of the Hong Kong education system which is very dogmatic and inflexible. In short, learning in school is boring. Students are unable to pay attention in class as the teaching materials and methods are outdated.

On the other hand, commercial tuition centers break away from traditional teaching doctrine that win the favor of tens of thousands of Hong Kong Students. Students are motivated in learning by innovated teaching methods and therefore they have significant improvement in their academic results. With the words of mouth, their businesses get much better.Tuition center has begun to play an important role in Hong Kong education.

How does tuition center manage to overcome the biggest obstacle- lack of space, in doing business in Hong Kong? It will be a very difficult to find premises to house few hundred of students. Commercial tuition centers are scattered all over Hong Kong,they are satellite tuition centers. Lectures are recorded in advance and simply braodcast during tuition hours. How smart they are!!

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  1. ruby says:

    cant agree more. one more reason is the expectation of parents. they always hope their kids to get a good job with a good paid in the future. they force their kids study and study no matter their kids really want.

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